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Rey Smart


The Personality


Rey is an experienced and fully qualified personal trainer and fitness coach.  


The Personality


Rey is a motivator and energiser that works with brands to bring impact which creates engagement. personal trainer fitness workout

The Personality

The Personality

The Personality

An entertainer, public speaker, event hype man and host.

The Athlete

Let's connect

The Personality

Rey is a destination runner. He enjoys traveling overseas and running. 


Let's connect

Let's connect

Rey is passionate about fitness and well-being and he shares that energy to motivate others. 

Let's connect

Let's connect

Let's connect

Rey welcomes proposals from brands, broadcasters, publishers and creatives get in touch. 

The Trainer


Coach Fit

Rey's certifications include Boxercise, Kickboxercise, UK Athletics Leader in Run Fitness, Gym Instructing and Personal Training. He is passionate about fitness and believes in the benefits activity has on mental well-being. He adapts his training style to each individual and coaches people to bring the best out of them. He understands that we are all individuals and ensures that his group training is engaging to people of different abilities and goals. 

Personalised Fit

Rey understands that we are all individuals and interviews personal training clients to identify what their goal is, why they want to achieve it, when they whey want to achieve it, how they like to train and then develops a tailored programme to get them to their goal. He has the skill of seamlessly delivering personalised training in a group setting.  

Group Fit

Rey understands that we are all individuals, having different goals and abilities. He also appreciates that it is easy to get lost in group classes. He learns people's names, provides feedback and modifications to ensure everyone gets the most out of a class. His group classes are fluid, blend a range of training elements to provide fun, effective and engaging classes. He has drawn on his fitness, dance and performance background to develop Party Fit, Flex Fit, Fight Fit and Run Fit. Whatever your goal there is a class for you. 

Social Fit

Rey enjoys bringing people together and ensures his classes are inclusive. He encourages people to introduce themselves, buddy up and socialise. He invites people to Be Smart and get social and connect for group meals and events outside of training.  

The Motivator

Rey is a natural motivator who strives to get everyone involved and having a good time.  He likes to keep the energy levels up and get people feeling pumped and ready to go. He led the warm up on the main stage for the ASICS London 10k, July 2019.  

Run Fit

Rey strongly believes that running is a great way to get keep fit and can be used as a vehicle to facilitate fitness and weight loss goals. 

The influencer


Fitness Motivator

Rey works with brands and organisations that provide services / products that he believes in and actually would use. Others may see this philosophy as being limiting but he refuses to promote anything and everything. His energy, presence and professionalism has seen him invited to national and international events and represent the products of international brands. 


Brand: Aftershokz (UK)

When: July 2018

What: Joined AfterPloggerz for plogging (picking up litter while jogging) in London's Regents Park and Primrose Hill.

Brand: Aftershokz (UK)

When: July 2019

What: Organised Aftershokz Plogging x Be Smart Get Fit event in Wembley Park and Fryent Country Park.

Brand: London Designer Outlet 

When: 01/04/20 then weekly

What: Workout Wednesday - Delivering a weekly 30 minute home workout through the London designer Outlet's Instagram Live. 

Brand: The Yellow / Wembley Park 

When: 04/04/20 then weekly

What: Social Fit - Delivering a weekly home workout through the Be Smart Get Fit Instagram Live. 

Brand: ASICS

When: 05/04/20

What: Developed and recorded workout on how to use household items to create a home gym. 

Brand: Virgin Sport

When: 23/04/20

What: Virtual workout on the Virgin Sport Instagram Live. Video also added to their IGTV.


Brand: TomTom Sports (UK) 

When:  October 2015

What: Ran the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Team TomTom to promote the launch of the Runner 2 watch. 

Brand: Vega (UK)

When: July 2017

What: Assembled a team to participate in the MHF Survival of the Fittest in Wembley Park.  

Brand: Fitbit (France) 

When: March 2018

What: Ran the Semi Marathon de Paris as part of Team Fitbit.  

Brand: Trek @eattrek

When: May 2017, September 2017 & 2018

What: Joined Tean TREK on the Tough Mudder course. 

Brand: Run Barbados Marathon Weekend

When: November and December 2018

What: Event promotion through social media channels.

Brand: Vega UK

When: May 2019

What: Attended Vega x Psycle fitness session and event promotion through social media channels.

Brand: Benq Europe 

When: July 2019

What: Attended Tally Rye workout with the Benq GV1 and event promotion through social media channels.

Brand: ASICS / Virgin Sport

When: 21st July 2019

What: Led the main stage warm up for the ASICS London 10k. 

Brand Ambassador

Brand: Scheckter Organic 

When: September 2017 to September 2018

What: Promoting the organic energy drink through social media, events and samples at training sessions.

Brand: Vega (UK)

When: January 2018 to December 2018

What: Promoting the vegan nutritional brand through social media, events and samples at training sessions.

Brand: Fitletic

When: January 2019 to present

What: Promoting the fitness accessory brand through social media and events. 

Brand: ASICS Front Runner UK

When: March 20th 2019 to present

What: Join the ASICS Front Runner UK team and represent it nationally and internationally through running, social media, event attendance and promoting running. 

Brand: Aftershokz UK

When: April 2019 to present

What: Promoting Aftershokz headphones through social media and events. 

Brand: Aftershokz UK / UK Runchat

When:  28th April 2019

What: 1 hour Twitter UK Runchat Takeover interacting with Twitter users. 

Brand: Runderwear 

When: June 2019 to present

What: Promoting Runderwear products through social media and events.


Brand: Wembley Park

When: 2016

What: Featured in the People of Wembley Park which celebrated the people. More info here

Brand: Wembley Park

When: December 2014 to present. 

What: Delivering Be Smart Get Fit classes at the Yellow Pavilion and The Yellow community spaces. Promoting the community facilities and community fitness and well-being.  

Brand: ASICS (Oxford Street)

When: June 2017 to present 

What: Delivering weekly fitness classes at the Oxford Street fitness studio and attending product launch events. 

Brand: ASICS (Wembley Outlet)

When: January 2014 to present

What: Leading the weekly run group from the ASICS store in the London Designer Outlet, Wembley Park. 

Brand: Snap Fitness (Neasden)

When: July 2017 to September 2018

What: Delivering spinning and dance aerobics classes. 

Brand: Rymora Sports

When: August 2018

What: Hosted product giveaway on Instagram page.


Brand: Wembley 

When: July 2019

What: Featured in Pass it on a book about Wembley Park. 

The personality


The Smart

Rey has incredible and infectious energy. He draws on his performance and entertainment background bring an organic and positive vibes to whatever he does. Whether he's participating in events, running classes, hosting events or being interviewed his passion and love shines through.


Where: Zee TV - Zee Companion

What: Featured in Deepa's fitness segment demonstrating exercises with the presenter. 

When: November 2017 - December 2018 

Where: Zee TV - Zee Companion

What: Live Interview 

When: December 2017

Where: Social Step Up, Wembley Park

What: Co-hosting charity event featuring dancer tournaments and workshops. 

When: April 2018

Where: ESPN London Marathon Documentary

What: Invited by ASICS UK Front Runner Blake Vivian to run and be interviewed.

When: May 2018

Where: France 3 - Millau, France

What: Interviewed during race  

When: May 2018

Where: I Move London Relay

What: Film shoot and interview for the official I Move London Relay promotional video 

When: July 2018

Where: Canal + Sport  

What: Invited for interview the day before Marathon des Alpes Maratimes - Nice - Cannes

When: November 2018 France

Where: ASICS online 

What: Video featuring running and a review of the ASICS Energy Saving Family of trainers.

When: November 2019 (released February 2020.)

The athlete

Rey finishing Run Barbados Marathon

Event History

Rey started running to and from work to improve his fitness and to lose weight. His colleague occasionally ran with him and suggested that Rey try an event. Reluctant at first he finally decided to run the Bupa 10k  in 2013 for charity. He fell in love with the atmosphere and the rest is history. 

United States of America

ATL 20k | Atlanta, GA | 2013
Behind The Gates 10k | Eagles Landing, GA | 2013

United Kingdom

Regents Park 10k Winter Series | Regents Park | 2013
Bupa 10k | London | 2013
British 10k London | London | 2013
ZSL London Zoo Stampede 10k | London Zoo | 2013
The Bath 10k | Bath | 2013
The Great Yorkshire Run | Sheffield | 2013
Blenheim Palace Half Marathon | Blenheim Palace | 2013
BUPA Birmingham Half Marathon | Birmingham | 2013
The Poppy Run | Battersea Park | 2013
BUPA Great South Run | Portsmouth | 2013
After Adoption 10k | Regents Park | 2013
City of Norwich Half Marathon | Norwich | 2013
Middlesex Cross Country Championship | London | 2014
Jog on 2k | Ealing | 2014
Resolution Run Half Marathon | Richmond Park | 2014
City of London Mile | London | 2014
5 Mile Promenade Dash | Lowestoft | 2014
London Easter 10k | Regents Park | 2014
Electric Run (5k) | Wembley | 2014
Peckham 10k | Peckham | 2014
Tower of London 10k | London | 2014
Bupa Westminster Mile | London | 2014
BUPA 10k | London | 2014
Color Run (5k) | Wembley | 2014, 2017, 2018
Summer League 10k | Harrow | 2014, 2017
City of London Mile | St Paul's | 2014, 2016
Summer League 10k | Perivale | 2014
British 10k | London | 2014
Wimbledon Half Marathon | London | 2014
Ealing Half Marathon | London | 2014

Royal Parks Half Marathon | London | 2014, 2015
Cancer Research Winter Run | London | 2015, 2016, 2018
North London Half Marathon | London | 2016
Vitality London 10,000 | London | 2016, 2017
Birmingham City Half Marathon | Birmingham | 2016, 2017
London Marathon | London | 2017, 2019
Run Wembley 5k | London | 2016, 2017
Westminster Mile | London | 2017
Great Newham Run | Stratford | 2017
MK Running Festival (20 mile) | Milton Keynes | 2018 

ASICS London 10k | London | 2019

Harrow Half Marathon | London | 2019

London River Run 10k | London | 2019

Endurancelife Trail Half Marathon | Dorset 2019


Semi Marathon De Paris | France | 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
20km de Paris | France | 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019
Barcelona Half Marathon | Spain | 2018, 2019
Run in Marseille Half Marathon | France | 2018

Paris Marathon | France | 2018, 2019

La Course Effage du Viaduct Millau 23.7 km | France | 2018

Adidas Paris 10km | France | 2018, 2019

Nice Maritime Marathon | France | 2018, 2019

Paris Versailles | France | 2018, 2019

Toulouse Half Marathon | France | 2018, 2019

Run My City Paris | France | 2018, 2019

Montpellier Marathon | France| 2019

Stockholm High Five 5k | Sweden | 2019

Stockholm Marathon | Sweden | 2019 

Frankfurt Marathon | Germany | 2019

Athens Authentic Marathon | Greece | 2019


Run Barbados Marathon Weekend | Barbados | 2018, 2019

The Motivator


Run Leader

For over 6 years Rey has led a weekly run group from the ASICS store in Wembley Park. The route of Run Wembley Wednesday takes laps around Wembley Stadium. The free group run welcomes beginners, jogger and people training for events. 

Positive Vibes

Rey is a strong believer that engaging in fitness and activity are beneficial for mental health and well being. He structures his personal training and classes to empower trainees, build confidence and self belief. He prides himself with providing people with the tools and skills that they can use outside of classes and share with their friends and families. He is a strong believer that healthier people have healthier relationships. 

Giving back

Rey has gained so much from running and believes that it is important that he gives back. He volunteers his time to run the Run Wembley Wednesday and makes time to motivate provide guidance to others. 

Partner & Friendly brands


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